Newark Self-Defense Classes

Learn Incredible Self-Defense Skills Through The Art Of Hapkido

If you’ve been waiting to take a self-defense class, now is the perfect opportunity! Shoshin Karate Academy is offering the best beginner-friendly self-defense class in Newark. Stop wondering what you’d do in a threatening situation and ensure you’re ready for ANYTHING that comes your way.

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Why Self-Defense? It’s Fitness and Life Preparedness All In One.

One of the best things about self-defense class at Shoshin Karate Academy is that you aren’t just learning all of the moves you need to keep yourself safe from an attacker. You’re also getting an incredible workout!

  • Get strong - Gain muscle through repeated blocks and focused muscle movements.
  • Check off your cardio - Get your heart rate up and know you’ve done your daily exercise.
  • Improve reaction time - Learn to stay on your toes and take perfect action when the occasion arises.

The Shoshin Karate Academy Promise: Get More Out of Class.

Don’t settle for a one-dimensional fitness class. Get the holistic benefits we offer with every class at Shoshin Karate Academy:  

  • Confidence - Know your potential because you’ve seen it in action!
  • Character-Building - Reinforce your values by following through with your intentions and taking responsibility.
  • More Peace of Mind - Experience the inner peace that comes from knowing you and your loved ones are truly as safe as can be.

Ready to check out Self-Defense at Shoshin Karate Academy? Grab a friend and join us!

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