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Shoshin Karate Academy

At Shoshin Karate Academy, we're proud to offer the best traditional martial arts training in town, helping people of all backgrounds and skill sets challenge themselves and develop skills for all aspects of life.

From our Kids Martial Arts classes to our Adult and Self-Defense training, we're giving you access to high-level instruction and a safe, supportive environment. Our goal is to help you learn something new each and every day on the path to improved health, boosted confidence, and incredible discipline in all aspects of life.

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Master Brown is a great and patient teacher! Our girls started training first, but now the whole family has joined!

Naomi Sanabria DeLong

We absolutely love this karate studio! It definitely exceeded our expectations! This is the 4th year for my older son and 3rd year for my younger son. As a mother, I’m really impressed by the value-based teaching, wisdom and professionalism of the instructors. My sons not only learn self-defense skills and karate moves but also develop and improve other important skills like self-control, discipline, persistence, motivation, respect, goals setting/reaching just to mention a few that would be beneficial for all areas of their life. Some other great benefits worth mentioning are:

Consistent physical activity - keeps them fit and healthy, great opportunity to burn extra energy.

Fun, social life, making friends – this karate place offers many fun activities for kids outside of the regular karate sessions and kids truly enjoy each one of them.

Healthy, professional, supportive environment and amazing instructors! Master Brown's patience, wisdom, support and passion for karate are impressive. Highly recommend it!

Asya Ruseva

Master Brown is a fantastic karate teacher. Dedicated and fun! Both of my kids enjoy the classes. Highly recommended.

Hanna Lee

The school and instructors are like a second family to us. Supportive, and great with kids, offer a variety of classes for all ability levels. They challenge you, and motivate you. I recommend these schools to everyone who shows interest!

Kids Martial Arts near Newark

Darin Lorenzen

I have ended my search for a good martial arts school for my kids! The people here are great. Their patience with the little ones is commendable. Their attitude is infectious! Hands down the best in the area, I know I have been searching for quite some time!

Kids Martial Arts near Newark

Zenab Eldreny

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